Sunday, December 16, 2012

Children's dresses modeled by Willow

Today I took some photos of the lovely Willow in some dresses I made.

Here she is in a 60's style a-line dress with an inverted pleat and sleeves. 

The slight puff at the sleeves is so cute!

This is a jumper version of the previous dress. This fabric used to be my grandmothers curtains!

I love this print

Back view.

Christmas Dress!

I used vintage fabric that my boss Jennifer gave me :)

side view

Yo-yo bow detail!!

Another jumper style. They look great with a turtle neck! 

Vintage yellow wool with cute button detail. 

Here she is in an infinity scarf I crocheted.

Thanks Willow for modeling!!!

These dresses and more will be available on etsy this week!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The many uses of Yo Yo's!
Decorate a Teddy Bear!

Add one to your Christmas tree!

Or, your favorite dress...

...Yo Yo garlands....

...make a quilt!

...add a button!

Yo Yo streamers!

My niece, Angelina, wearing an A-line dress from my show featuring children's clothing.  Vintage wool fabric, with cute button detail and inverted pleat.  More to come!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

These are some pictures my sister Molly took of my clothes so I can put them on Etsy. follow Molly at

Caroline in a sweet heart neckline dress. The fabric is vintage. 

Liz in a mix-match boat neck dress with pleats. 

Sarah in a classic brown polk dot skirt with pleats. 

Caroline in a two piece tank and skirt. 

Liz in a sweet heart neckline and vintage fabric dress.

Sam in my favorite skirt.

Emily in a high waisted skirt. 

Vintage Paisley corduroy a-line dress

Karlin in a full floral skirt with pockets.

Sam in a two piece short and tube top. I used vintage fabric and a vintage pattern.

Special thanks to all my models- Sam, Karlin, Emily, Caroline, Liz and Sarah
and to my sister molly for photographing

look for these on etsy at

more photos to come from this shoot!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This is a sample flyer of my upcoming show at Venus on the Half Shell on December 1st. My niece Judy is the model. She is the cutest!!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sewing Camp was sew much fun!!! These are some pictures of the kids working on their projects!

olivia working on her pillow!

Angelina sewing a button on her heart pillow.

Angelina with finished projects!

Kids working on projects!

Olivia with her finished pillow!

Kenzie made a jelly fish!!!!

Kenzie with a finished drawstring bag!

Kenzie sewing on buttons for her animal!

Olivia with her finished drawstring bag!