Thursday, April 23, 2015

Works in Progress

I have been working on a lot of new pieces and designs getting ready for this fashion show.
The show I am participating in is called Dashing Emancipation. It is an annual fashion event in Frederick that raises awareness for the plight of human and sex trafficking. All the proceeds are donated to Love 146. It is a great event that I am pleased to be a part of.  Check out some photos of my newest designs, and if you are free Friday May 29th, I hope you can make it to the event!

this is a sixties inspired design I am working on. 

I am having a variety of ages in the show. This is a child's size 8
Im not sure if these will be in the show, but I have been working on a lot of bandeaus. 

Another child's 8

This is one of my favorite new dresses. 

I definitely want to do a few two piece outfits on the runway. I am thinking high waisted shorts and a crop top and a few dresses as well!

This is the flyer for the event. 

I hope you can make it out for the event, I have the privilege of participating in it with some amazing designers and shop owners. (Venus on the Half Shell, Fred & Co., Buki Peters

Stay tuned for updates on the event!
Becky Jane 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Photo Shoot INSPIRATION !!!

I'm planning a Spring photo shoot of my newest garments. I've been looking on the interweeeeeb for some inspiration. Here are some photos I like, maybe they will inspire you too xo.

Stay Tuned for my upcoming shoot!!
Becky Jane 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter Sunday

This year I made my niece Harper and nephew J.T some outfits. I also made a bunch of bunny stuffed animals for all my nieces and nephews.  Here are some photos of the garments and production. Check them out xo.

I wanted a variety of boy and girl bunnies, so I cut a bunch in florals and wools. I hand sewed the facial details with embroidery thread. 

This is Harpers dress, size 2t. I used fabric that I had left over from a buy in San Francisco years ago. And I found this lace in my studio that matched, so I sewed two stripes on the skirt. 

I didn't have any 3-6 month patterns made for J.T's suit, so I made my own. 

I traced a 7month vest I had made before and sized it down. 

For his pants I just traced a pair that fit him well, and made simple elastic pants.

The finished suit, size 3-6 month.

Harper in her dress. 

Two of my bunnies posed in a cute basket my sister Molly made. Molly is a great photographer, you should check out her page

All my bunnies in a circle :)

I am happy with how my Easter projects turned out this year!!!

Becky Jane

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Every year the Venus on the Half Shell crew attends Retro Prom,  a fundraiser event for the local theater in town,  The Met.  This year there were a lot of really cool vintage get-ups, lots of which from the shop. I also did a few alterations for the prom. Check out some of my photos.

I had to add a panel to a clients dress to make it fit. 

I then decided to add a panel to a dress that was too small for me so I could wear it to the Prom.

This is the dress I wore to the event with the panel added.

As per usual, my sister and I did 80's!!!!

I love all these vintage looks. 

The beautiful Bailey rocking a chocolate lace sixties dress from the shop. 

Babe Alert. Celia looking so sweet in this seventies dress from the shop. 

the one and only, Jennifer, owner of Venus on the Half Shell, looking amazing!!!!

Cutest couple ever! Matt's outfit is also from the shop!

My co-worker Tara looking adorable!!! Her outfit is also from the shop!!

Mom and daughter shot!!! dresses both from the shop :)

Another photo of me and my beautiful date.

Every year this event is such a blast! It was so fun seeing our shop represented on the dance floor!!  I highly recommend attending, and look forward to next years Retro Prom!!!

Becky Jane