Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wednesdays with Harper

I'm helping my sister out and watching her cute as a button daughter Harper on Wednesdays while she is at work.  Harper just turned one in January and is the perfect model for some of my baby clothes! My goal is to have a new outfit for her to model every week. 

Here she is in one of my yo-yo headbands. I had to use this plastic cup to distract her for a photo! Taking pictures of babies can be tricky :)

Another yo-yo headband! 

Here she's trying to eat a stuffed elelphant I made haha.

Harper in a cute gathered dress I made. 

Baby on the run!!

I have a joke with my other sister Liz to take selfies with Harper and hashtag #selfieswithharper, so here is my selfie

All in all my first Wednesday with Harper was a success! I got her to model a few things, and we just relaxed around my sisters place and played! Stay tuned for more Wednesdays with Harper :)

Becky jane 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Getting ready for Spring!

I'm sick of the snow and am ready for Spring to come! I am doing another pop-up shop in May at Venus on the Half Shell, and am starting to work on some pieces!

Here is a gathered polka dot skirt.

And a crop top to go with.

I love this fabric! It's a vintage sheet my friend gave me. I have enough to make a crop top and a dress.

Here's a gathered dress I finished! Stay tuned, I will be working on a lot more for my show :)

Becky Jane

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Well they are planning on more snow this week. I'm picking out some inspiration to have some productive projects while I am snowed in!

I see this style a lot, with just a little skin exposure. It has a 40's feel with a modern twist. I'm thinking that I want to design a fun midriff dress for this summer.

I'm always inspired my high waisted swim suits! I definitely  want to make some shorts and skirts for my next show!

If I'm stuck out on the farm and just want to watch a movie, I'm going to try and practice some hand stitching! This one is so cute!

Pillows, pillows, pillows!!! I love pillows. My goal is to learn how to do this smocking and make huge floor pillows!!!

A lot of inspiration!!! Now if I can get started on a few of these while I am snowed in that will be great! Wish me luck!!!

Becky jane