Friday, May 22, 2015

Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot

Last Sunday my sister Molly and I did a small photo shoot.  Here's a sneak peek of some behind the scenes photos.

my friend Meg in a reversible bandeau and striped navy wrap skirt I made.

Meg posing in my driveway. 

Little Iris modeling one of my children's dresses in my studio. 

Judy and Iris looking adorable.

Molly took a few shots with the kids together. 

Meg got close to one of my chickens for some shots. I was so scared that Sunny was going to poop on her haha. 

Meg and I wore our "wifey" tees during the shoot. She's the hot on in the relationship. 

Sam looked so "Old Hollywood" in this floral halter dress I made. 

A photo of Molly taking a photo. 

Molly took some action shots. 

Sam was a natural in front of the camera.

This was such a fun, fast and simple shoot. I'm excited to see the photos Molly took. Stay tuned for those!

Becky Jane

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ginger Rogers Piñata Tutorial

For my Dad's 60th birthday my family and I went all out. We threw him a surprise Ginger Rogers themed party. I made a piñata of her, and it was quite the process. I decided to make a tutorial of how I made her for you guys to check out!
cardboard/thick paper scraps
cereal boxes
paper mache mixture (1 part flour, two parts water)
crepe paper
cotton balls
tape (masking and duct)
news paper
2" ruler
mod podge
exacto knife (optional)
heavy duty string

The base of Ginger is made with balloons, toilet paper rolls, and a cereal box for the feet. 
I made holes in a cheerio box to fit the toilet paper roll and then added a base to make it sturdier. 

I shortened a toilet paper roll for the neck to connect the body to the head. 

Then taped some arms on. 

Then I covered the shape with strips of news paper (I cut mine in two inch strips) dipped in my paper mache mix. 

This is a photo of the newspaper dry.  I did three layers of paper mache. 

I then covered her body with a nude crepe paper and mod podge. 
I decided to give her some boobs to give her more shape and not look so round. I taped cotton balls on, they ended up giving her a Madonna look haha. 

I decided to fill her before I started decorating her too much. So I cut a hole in the body and the head. 

I filled her with some of my dad's favorites, which include Little Debbies :)

I then started working on her dress. I used crepe paper and mod podge.

I taped a folder on to make her dress go out. 

This is a photo from the back while I was working on fringing the skirt of her dress.  I used the opening in the back and poked a hole in her head to attach the string for her to hang on. I reinforced that hole with many layers of duct tape so it would be strong enough to hold her. 

I dyed some cotton balls for her hair. I used a water based paint, but this took forever to dry,  I even had to pull out a hair dryer at one point, so I would recommend a light spray paint, or just buying colored pom-poms. 

I then started working on her face. I also used crepe paper and some paint. 

Side of Gingers head.

All Done!


This is what I was going for haha. She kind of ended up looking more like a muppet!

But my Dad loved her, and that's all that matters.

Piñatas are time consuming but so much fun. I really enjoyed making this one of Ginger Rogers.  I have a few more coming up for my kids camp this summer so stay tuned!

Becky Jane

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Inspiration for an upcoming photo shoot !!!

I'm doing a small photo shoot this Sunday, so I've been scoping the internet for some inspiration. These are the photos I think are pretty rad, and I would love for my clothes to look this cool. Stay tuned for pictures from the shoot. 

This is a photo from my friends Instagram. I'm totally into unique poses, and I thought this shot was fun. 

I have a long drive way on my property, I thought this was an interesting pose. 

This photo is super themed and posed. I like the idea of having  some sort of installation for the shoot. 

I also like the idea of just simple shots. 

Simple, classic, pretty.

I make kids clothes, and I thought this was adorable. 

I thought this was cute, and had a nice composition. 

more lane shots. 

I love how much the dress is the focus here.

We have a lot of overgrown fields,  I think it would be cool to utilize them. I also love the lighting in this photo. 

I love the coloring of this photo. 

love the lighting.

There are lots of animals on the farm to pose with. 

I thought this pose was cool. 

love the composition. 

This is also another super themed photo. I like the idea of having found items placed in a field.

There are so many directions you can go in a photo shoot. I want it to be interesting, but relatively simple. I'm excited to see what come out from this shoot. Stay tuned!!!

Becky Jane

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tulle Skirt Tutorial

My sister Molly and some of her friends wanted to make tulle skirts for Mother's Day. So I decided to host a work-shop in my studio to help them make their skirts. I made a sample before the work shop, so here is my tutorial on how to make a tulle skirt!

Supply List:
5 yards of tulle
(I used more of a thin lace rather then tulle because I liked the weight better, but it has the same effect)
2 yards of lining
(I always buy more then enough fabric, just to be safe, this list you should definitely be safe)
sewing machine
matching thread
1 yard elastic
( I did 1 1/2" , I didn't want my waist band to be super thick)
measuring tape
tailors chalk

I found this website helpful with tips on working with tulle.

Let's Begin:

1. First you want to cut rectangles of your layers of tulle. My skirt is three layers, so I cut 108" width by 25" length (the length is how long you want your skirt, I'm 5' 4" and my skirt hits just below the knee)

I cut my layers of tulle on a fold, and marked 54" on my cutting table. I found that an easy way to work with such a big piece of tulle. 

I then marked my 25" length on my cutting table. And cut all three layers of tulle.
 2. Put your tulle pieces aside for now, and cut your lining. Measure your widest part over your hips and add 10". My largest part was 35"- so I cut 45" by 25" for my lining. (length same as my tulle)
For some reason my lining still ended up a lot shorter then my tulle, I think the tulle stretched after I cut it, so you might want to add extra length on your lining if you don't like the look of it being shorter. In my case I thought it was cute and added depth to the piece. It's up to you :)

This is a picture of the lining measured out.
 3. Now sew all the side seams up on both the tulle and lining. (4 pieces) I sewed mine on 1/2" seam allowance, but 5/8" should be fine too. There is a lot extra fabric, so whatever you fancy.
side seams sewn!
4. Now pin all three layers of tulle together at the waist and baste stitch them together to treat as one piece. This part can be a little frustrating, but once you have this step done everything else is a piece of cake.  (make sure all your layers of tulle are pined together with seams facing the same way)
all my layers  pinned....

All my layers of  basted together.

5. Now pin and pleat your tulle layers onto your lining to fit your lining width.

All layers pinned together.
 6. Now baste stitch your lining to your tulle layers.

all layers basted together.
7. It is now time to cut your elastic. Measure your elastic around your natural waist ( 1/2"-1"above your belly button)  and cut it where if feels comfortable but snug.
 Then sew it together to make a circle, I again used a 1/2" seam allowance.

my elastic sewn together.
8. Sew down the seam allowance.

seam allowance sewn down. my seam is so crooked haha.
 9. Now mark with chalk your elastic in four places- front, back and side seams. They should be equal distances apart. (essentially just divide your elastic in 4 and mark with chalk)

 10. Pin your elastic to tulle/lining in those four places. Right sides together. (side seams, center front, and center back)

elastic pinned at four places. 
11. Now sew your elastic to your skirt.  You will have to pull your elastic while sewing since it will be smaller then your skirt. I sewed with a zig zag stitch.

12. Hem your lining. You don't need to hem your tulle layers.

13. All done!!! Enjoy your tulle skirt.

This is a picture of my finished skirt. When I cut my tulle layers I had my top layer end on the selvage so that it would give   a finished look. 

This was a fun and easy project! Stay tuned for pictures from the work shop and the skirts they chose to make!

Becky Jane