Thursday, July 31, 2014

Baby Steps in Etsy

I am slowly trying to get back on the Etsy routine. I am trying to add five things to my shop a week. So far I am starting with baby garments. Here are a few I've put up this week. 

This tiny 0-3 month baby outfit is the cutest! Hand made with vintage fabric and yo-yo details. You know how I feel about yo-yo's !!!

4t floral gathered dress, also made with vintage fabric 

This 2t bloomer and dress set is so darling. The fabric used on the dress is from the forties!!!

I added a few onsie dresses to my shop! 

I also added this 12 month set!

Right now I have 10 children's items in the shop! You should check them out, and let me know what you think! My shop name is beckyjanesews

Becky jane 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Shelves in my studio!

The time has come for me to start organizing my studio. I have a lot of projects I want to do, build a drafting table, bolt all of my fabric and make tables for stations for students. But first I need to organize all my supplies and get them off the floor. So last night, with a lot of help from my bosses, I put shelves up!
I'm on a budget, so we decided to make them from scratch. Here are photos of the process!

First we went to Home Depot and bought plywood, brackets and screws.

I decided to make four shelves 5 feet wide and ten inches deep. So we measured and marked the wood with chalk.

Then we cut the wood.

Deciding where to place the shleves was the hardest part. Because my studio is in a very old farm house it was hard to find studs to place the brackets on. 

We decided to space the shelves 16" apart giving me plenty of space for books and tools without feeling crammed. 

Here we are stabilizing the brackets into the wood.

All done! Now I just have to organize all of my supplies! Wish me luck!

Becky Jane 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

More camp photos!!!

Here are a few more photos from Createfest on the farm!!!

We had the kids paint chickens on a canvas. 

We went exploring on the farm and found   some chickens! This is what inspired the above photo :)

Yoga train!!!

Here we are going through things we found on our scavenger hunt!!

This is a simple bird made out of toilet paper rolls! 

Duct tape and cardboard swords and shields were a huge hit!

We did an intense obstacle course for the kids! Hoola hoops, skateboards, slingshots and much more. Here is Mariska blowing a windmill before moving on to the next station!

We made little flying fairies out of fake flowers, beads, straws and q-tips!

The kids loved the garden.

Mr. Doug taught them how to plant a plant!!! 

Paper mâché !!!!the piñata's  were our week long craft.

These are the sample puppets I made for the kids to mimic. A lot of them made up their own!

This camp really was such a great experience for me. The kids taught me just as much as I taught them :)
I'm looking forward to doing Fall Fest!!!

Becky Jane 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Kids camp!!! Create Fest July 2014

My cousin Lanie and I hosted a kids camp out on the farm! Lanie did story time and yoga and I headed the crafts! It was such a fun time!
We did a lot of yoga! This kids loved drawing faces on balloons!

My friends Doug and Sara came one day to teach the kids about gardening!

My dad took them on a wagon ride!

Farmer Bob also let them feed baby cows :)

We made lots of puppets!

We made a piñata they got to break on the last day!!!

Camp was so much fun, and I took lots of photos! I will blog more soon, I didn't want to overwhelm you too much with cuteness!!!

Becky Jane