Thursday, July 24, 2014

More camp photos!!!

Here are a few more photos from Createfest on the farm!!!

We had the kids paint chickens on a canvas. 

We went exploring on the farm and found   some chickens! This is what inspired the above photo :)

Yoga train!!!

Here we are going through things we found on our scavenger hunt!!

This is a simple bird made out of toilet paper rolls! 

Duct tape and cardboard swords and shields were a huge hit!

We did an intense obstacle course for the kids! Hoola hoops, skateboards, slingshots and much more. Here is Mariska blowing a windmill before moving on to the next station!

We made little flying fairies out of fake flowers, beads, straws and q-tips!

The kids loved the garden.

Mr. Doug taught them how to plant a plant!!! 

Paper mâché !!!!the piñata's  were our week long craft.

These are the sample puppets I made for the kids to mimic. A lot of them made up their own!

This camp really was such a great experience for me. The kids taught me just as much as I taught them :)
I'm looking forward to doing Fall Fest!!!

Becky Jane 

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