Thursday, April 25, 2013

Venus Tribute!

Today is Jennifer's, (my boss and owner of Venus on the half shell) birthday!!! I have been collecting goodies from her shop since high school, and over the last year and a half of working there I have acquired quite a lot! I thought it would be cool to take some photos kind of as a tribute to show how awesome her shop is. Here are some photos of myself and Kayleigh in some of our favorite pieces! THANKS JENNIFER! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! WE LOVE VENUS!!!!!!!
Hawaii cropped top.

Poly jacket and cute button up

tee and sweater

Best poncho ever!!!!

Cat Stevens tee and sweater

Orioles tee and sweater 
Mickey tee and sweater

my favorite top!

slip i wear as a dress

my birthday present!!!!

the best!

cute shorts!!

best sweater!

These are just some of the amazing pieces we have gotten at Venus on the Half Shell!!! Come check out Jennifer's shop at 101 East Patrick street in Frederick Maryland!