Thursday, August 28, 2014

Making lemonade out of lemons!!!!

So I was a little bummed when I found out the Baltimore Flea Market was cancelled this weekend due to it being Labor Day. But then I decided to spend some time in my studio brainstorming for new ideas. Usually the week before a show I am just pushing out the same styles to have as much as possible, I used this week to really focus on new styles I would like to make. Here is what I have been up to.

Here I am spending some time in my messy studio working on some alterations.

This is a custom holster I made for a friend who is a massage therapist. 

I patched up my friends jeans. 

I worked on a few new crop tops.

I played around with some fabrics for a new style pillow to make. I am pretty excited about this combination. 

I went through some of my patterns and chose some new styles I want to try out this Fall. 

I made some sketches of a skirt I want to make. I am the worst drawer haha.

These are two styles I want to make.

I really want to add new styles to my collection and I am thankful that instead of pushing out a lot of my "safe" pieces I was able to focus and prepare myself for new ideas. Stay tuned for the production of new garments!!!

Becky Jane

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A girl's gotta have choices

A few weeks ago I added a few pannels to my friend Meg's beautiful dress she scored at a thrift store. After doing it and loving her dress it inspired me to make a dress for my birthday with pannels.

This is a photo of the back pannel I added on Meg's dress. 

Here you can see where I added the pannels on the sleeves. I really liked the contrast these pannels added.

So I decided to cut and make myself a birthday dress with solid pannels to contrast with the print of my dress.

I actually cut my dress a little small and had to add an additional orange pannel to the center back, which inspired me to make the skirt have a pannel at center back too.

Here is the skirt in mid process.

I was pretty happy with how this dress turned out, but I had a little trouble centering the front pannel and had to re sew it a few times.

Here I am on my birthday in my dress!!

Then I realized I have a party with my twin brother on Friday and needed something to wear. A few weeks back I made this skirt and realized it had a few fabric flaws, so I decided to make a matching crop top to wear with it as my second birthday outfit!

Cutting and sewing the crop top!

Here's the outfit together! I think it will be perfect for the party!!

All in all I was pretty pleased with how my birthday dresses came out. Now I have two options, after all a girl's gotta have choices. 

Becky Jane

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Judy's Birthday Bash

Hosting a five year olds birthday party can get to be very expensive. Me and my family decided to make some of the decorations and party necessities. The theme was mermaid/under the sea! Here are a few pictures of what we did. Enjoy!!

I made a piñata by blowing up a balloon, 3 layers of paper mâché and then a paint layer and crepe streamers for decoration 

There's the birthday girl taking a swing!

We made jelly fish to hang for decorations with paper bowls, steamers and googly eyes! 

They looked really cute hanging from trees.

I made the gift bags with lunch bags and images I printed off.

This is a birthday dress I made for little Judy.

There's Judy in her Ariel "human" dress I made! This was a pool party so she didn't keep it on for long! What a cutie!!

We made a mermaid cake and cupcakes with chocolate shell molds on top!!

Here's a better look at the cake! I was pretty proud of this! And it was really easy to make!

Though time consuming I think these projects turned out great and added a personal touch to the party! I mean, you only turn five once!!!!!!

Becky Jane