Friday, December 27, 2013

December Re-cap

December has been a crazy month for me! I did a show on First Saturday at Venus on the Half Shell, Jen and I hosted another Village Bazaar at Cafe Nola, and I had numerous christmas jobs for friends and family!!!! Here are some photos to re-cap the month! Enjoy!
This is a kids dress I made from a vintage pattern using vintage fabric

Here I am setting up my pop-up shop the night before the show! It took me hours!!

Island of the mis-fit toys! Notice my teddy bear is missing a leg! I left it in my studio haha

Anika modeled several of my dresses at the show! She is such a cutie and wears my dresses so well! Notice in the bottom right photo the hanging lace hoops, I hand made those all with left over lace from studio :)

This is what my pop-up shop looked like!

Me sitting on Santa's lap at the Village Bazaar at Cafe Nola wearing one of my originals.

My booth at The Village Bazaar

Hand made elephant stuffed animals I made for my friend Mark to give on Christmas

Christmas Dress I made for my niece Harper

Cute baby dress and infinity scarfs I made for Christmas gifts!

Harper in her Christmas dress!

I made a patch and cape for Myles to complete his pirate outfit!!!

My etsy pile!! Stay tuned, I am finally updating my shop :)

Liz in a cocktail dress I made for a party in D.C

My window display at Venus on the Half Shell

Me in one of my originals at my show!

This is the only photo I got of the back of my dress haha, but I wanted to show the low back.

Anika and Judy modeling my dresses in the window.

I hope you enjoyed these photos! Stay tuned for updates on my new projects!

Becky Jane

Saturday, July 27, 2013

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I had just gotten back from my beach trip with my sister Liz and I was wearing a vintage ethnic wrap skirt that I got from Venus, when I walked in to my house my mom said "I had the same skirt when I was your age!" Check out how similar her skirt is to mine on my Sister getaway post!

Great minds think alike!!!!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Babies in Action!

Here are a few pictures of babies in outfits that I have made!

This is a dress I made out of a standard onsie I had bought. Notice the yo-yo neckline detail :)
Photo by: Matt Triche

This is a top and bloomers outfit I made. Notice the yo-yo neckline details and pocket.
Photo by: Kelley Baccellieri

The bloomers match the pocket!


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sister Getaway- Rehoboth Beach

My sister Liz and I took a short weekend trip to Rehoboth Beach. We did an early morning photo shoot on our last day there. Below are some photos of fashionable beach wear. 
Free People bandeau top (velvet lounge- frederick md), 70's vintage ethnic wrap skirt(venus on the half shell- frederick md), Vintage sunglasses (venus on the half shell), Straw floppy hat (skys the limit- frederick md), Vintage patchwork quilt (old glory- frederick md)

Vintage 60's dress (venus on the half shell- frederick md), Vintage sunglasses (Venus on the half shell- frederick, md)

I made this out fit! The zipper front bandeau is favorite pattern of mine. It works well as swimsuit top or paired with high waisted bottoms. The shorts I used a vintage pattern and sewed with vintage fabric and buttons. (I actually got the fabric at Old Glory Antique Mall)

Vintage robe (venus on the half shell- frederick md)

I got this vintage swimsuit at Hunting Ground in Baltimore. It is my absolute favorite!

Free People top (velvet lounge- frederick md), High waisted vintage pants (venus on the half shell- frederick md)

Crocheted pants (venus on the half shell- frederick md)

Most of our beach trip consisted of getting sun burnt and eating Grottos pizza and cheese burgers, But I thought I would throw in a fashion photo shoot to make me feel a little productive. Hope you enjoyed looking at these pics!!!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fun project! Inspiration

I found this pillow project on a the blog a beautiful mess. I thought this would be a fun project for my upcoming sewing camps for kids to incorporate hand sewing as well as some machine sewing. Check out their blog, it is super cute, and they have a lot of great D.I.Y projects :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Venus Tribute!

Today is Jennifer's, (my boss and owner of Venus on the half shell) birthday!!! I have been collecting goodies from her shop since high school, and over the last year and a half of working there I have acquired quite a lot! I thought it would be cool to take some photos kind of as a tribute to show how awesome her shop is. Here are some photos of myself and Kayleigh in some of our favorite pieces! THANKS JENNIFER! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! WE LOVE VENUS!!!!!!!
Hawaii cropped top.

Poly jacket and cute button up

tee and sweater

Best poncho ever!!!!

Cat Stevens tee and sweater

Orioles tee and sweater 
Mickey tee and sweater

my favorite top!

slip i wear as a dress

my birthday present!!!!

the best!

cute shorts!!

best sweater!

These are just some of the amazing pieces we have gotten at Venus on the Half Shell!!! Come check out Jennifer's shop at 101 East Patrick street in Frederick Maryland!