Sunday, July 5, 2015

CreateFest at the Farm

These last two weeks I have been running a kids camp with my cousin Lanie. I was in charge of the arts and crafts and she did yoga and story time. The kids varied in age from 5-9 years old. I think it is important to get kids to participate in hands on projects and that is what motivated me to do this camp. We named it CreateFest to emphasize that the kids would be doing a lot of D.I.Y projects and creating lots of arts and crafts. Here are some photos during the weeks.

we made spoon and fork people. simple.

I had the kids decorate lanterns they can hang in their bedrooms. 

My Aunt led them in an art lesson where they had a choice between painting a donkey, sunflower or chicken. This is week ones finished paintings. 

We made some of our snacks. I had the kids pick mint for our tea from my garden. 
Week one made cup-cake pinatas!

The kids were obsessed with mustaches. Here is a selfie of me and Sloane. 

Week ones tea party. We made vegan cupcakes and sun tea and all dressed up.  I got to explain to them wacky cake and a time when not everyone could afford to add eggs or milk to their desserts. 

we made farm animal masks.

these chicken masks were the cutest!

Popsicle crafts. also fun. easy. cute.

The kids got to feed baby cows!

Lanie was very mesmerizing during her story times. 

this was me at the end of the week. straight up laying down. 

Comfy, cozy truck rides.  
Story Time!!

making life size pinatas!

Red Rover, Red Rover!

we painted sheets and made a fort.

more utensil people :)

Week 2's finished paintings 

Tea party!

These kids were obsessed with uni-pigs 

They even made a uni-pig piƱata! 

week 2's pinatas

I had them decorate bird houses and rocks!

There is so much more we did like make villages out of shoe boxes, have a pool party, farm walks, tractor rides, planting seeds, and more but I couldn't keep up with taking photos. It was such a fun experience but boy was I exhausted by the end of it. Lanie and I had a total of 23 kids. I really wanted to show these kids how much fun you could have by being outside, enjoying nature, and making your  own crafts. I think these kids had a great time, and that is a success for me.

Becky Jane