Thursday, January 30, 2014

Jen's Baby Shower

My dear friend Jen is expecting a little baby boy! Her family just threw her a baby shower and I was in charge of the onsie station.

I found some cute pictures on the internet and made stencils.

Here's the set up table, with paint, iron ons, stencils etc.

These a few samples I made

My friends Diana and Kayleigh getting into it :)

Kelly made the cutest fox!

The completed onsies !!!

Girls working hard :)

The lovely Jen!!! I am so excited for her :)

The baby shower was so much fun, and I highly reccomend doing a onsie station, it gave guests something fun to do and Jen some really cute onsies!

Becky Jane

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Semi Productive Snow Days!

The last couple days I have been stuck a mile off the road. Luckily I have my studio in my house. Here's how I spent my last couple of days off....

I've been listening to a lot of vinyls...

I have been crocheting more hanging lanterns while watching movies in bed.

This is a birds eye view from my bed while working on some lanterns.

It is very cold in the farm house so I decided to make myself some slippers.

Once I started I couldn't stop, I decided to make some for my family.



Here are some finished slippers :)

These are all the chick flicks and rom-coms I have been watching haha.

I have had these kitties to keep me company. I was walking up to my parents to get some coffee :) 

And I finally got around to organizing my book shelf! Notice my pumpkin, that is what my dad used to carry his candy on Halloween as a child :)
So overall I had a pretty productive few snow days. Happy winter!!!!
Becky Jane 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

40's inspiration

I love love love this photo!!! I am starting to look for inspiration for spring, I want to make every garment in this photo!!!
These dresses are amazing!!! I really want to make a version of the third one from the left!! 

Sometimes when I am feeling uninspired I find that googling vintage fashion encourages me to start producing!! Stay tuned for new looks!!

Becky jane 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Harper's birthday inspiration

I am making Harpers birthday dress! She will be one on Monday! Today my sister Molly and I took her to Joanne fabrics to get supplies!

Here she is in the stroller!
These are napkins Molly wants me to make!
This is the inspiration for her dress!
And this is the fabric we got for her dress! So this is what I will be working on this week! Stay tuned for the finished projects!

Becky jane