Thursday, August 7, 2014

Judy's Birthday Bash

Hosting a five year olds birthday party can get to be very expensive. Me and my family decided to make some of the decorations and party necessities. The theme was mermaid/under the sea! Here are a few pictures of what we did. Enjoy!!

I made a piñata by blowing up a balloon, 3 layers of paper mâché and then a paint layer and crepe streamers for decoration 

There's the birthday girl taking a swing!

We made jelly fish to hang for decorations with paper bowls, steamers and googly eyes! 

They looked really cute hanging from trees.

I made the gift bags with lunch bags and images I printed off.

This is a birthday dress I made for little Judy.

There's Judy in her Ariel "human" dress I made! This was a pool party so she didn't keep it on for long! What a cutie!!

We made a mermaid cake and cupcakes with chocolate shell molds on top!!

Here's a better look at the cake! I was pretty proud of this! And it was really easy to make!

Though time consuming I think these projects turned out great and added a personal touch to the party! I mean, you only turn five once!!!!!!

Becky Jane 

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