Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Inspiration for an upcoming photo shoot !!!

I'm doing a small photo shoot this Sunday, so I've been scoping the internet for some inspiration. These are the photos I think are pretty rad, and I would love for my clothes to look this cool. Stay tuned for pictures from the shoot. 

This is a photo from my friends Instagram. I'm totally into unique poses, and I thought this shot was fun. 

I have a long drive way on my property, I thought this was an interesting pose. 

This photo is super themed and posed. I like the idea of having  some sort of installation for the shoot. 

I also like the idea of just simple shots. 

Simple, classic, pretty.

I make kids clothes, and I thought this was adorable. 

I thought this was cute, and had a nice composition. 

more lane shots. 

I love how much the dress is the focus here.

We have a lot of overgrown fields,  I think it would be cool to utilize them. I also love the lighting in this photo. 

I love the coloring of this photo. 

love the lighting.

There are lots of animals on the farm to pose with. 

I thought this pose was cool. 

love the composition. 

This is also another super themed photo. I like the idea of having found items placed in a field.

There are so many directions you can go in a photo shoot. I want it to be interesting, but relatively simple. I'm excited to see what come out from this shoot. Stay tuned!!!

Becky Jane

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