Friday, March 1, 2013

Village Bazaar!!!!!!

Our first Village Bazaar was a huge success. We had about 15 local artists transform Cafe Nola into an art market. Here are pictures of items I had for sale, as well as photos from the event. We plan to do many more events, so stay posted!!!

I made infinity scarfs for the event...

As well as cute pleated aprons....

Onsie dresses!!!!

The Frederick News Post came by to cover the event!!!!

Another onsie dress with hand stitching. I love this one!!

My sister Liz made a zine that featured all the artists and their bios as well as a map so guests can remember who is who :)

this is my absolute favorite!!! I love the yo yo detail!!

I didnt have a lot of boys clothes. This one my sister in law and friend made :) It sold!! Congrats ashley!!!

Hand made crocheted garden lanterns. These were a big hit!

I also had baby hats for sale. 

This was my rack. Its kind of messy.

Another cute apron. Sold!!!!!

Jen and I shared a booth. It was so cute!! You can see all the onsies hanging on the wall, and Jen made some awesome terrariums.


Onsie dresses!!!!

Here I am hanging all the dresses. I am wearing one of my high waisted skirt designs :)

Hand-made pillows

Kelsi, one of the featured artists, setting up her booth.

Closer look of those lanterns I made.

Jen setting up our booth. What a cutie!!

Harry getting his booth ready. He makes cigar box instruments, soooo cool!!! In the background you can see Stevens paintings. Everyone did such a great job making their space their own.



Kelsi's prints

Will and Wireman's booth!

Steven's booth!

Harry's instruments!

Jude's booth. He makes awesome ceramic light fixtures. Joel is peeking through haha

Close ups of my onsie dresses.

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