Thursday, June 26, 2014

June is coming to an end...

June is already coming to an end, this is what I have been up to the last few weeks...

Venus on the Half Shell, (where I work) did another photo shoot, which I helped stylize. This is a behind the scenes photo of our outdoor closet!

Here are our beautiful models off duty! Courtney and Karmin!!!

Another behind the scenes, we go hard core haha! Check out the actual photos that my sister Molly took on our website. 

I also have been working a lot in my family's garden. It's so rewarding to eat something that you grew yourself.

This is a new skirt I made for the Village Bazaar I hosted at cafe Nola. My friend Jen and I host it every few months, and we pretty much just transform the restaurant into an artist mart. Stay tuned for the next one :)

Here I am infront of my booth.

My boss Jennifer and I went to breast cancer fundraiser that colonial jewlers hosted. The theme was Cleo, and we had a blast!

A room full of Cleo's!!!

Here I am with my favorite ladies! My boss Jennifer is on the left and co-worker Tara on the right. We all randomly are wearing vintage pieces from my friends shop Bottle of Bread in Baltimore!

So far this month has been busy and a lot of fun! With only a few days left, let's hope I can keep up with my projects! Stay tuned!

Becky jane 

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