Wednesday, June 4, 2014

May Re-Cap

May 2014 has been a crazy month for me. I did a show at Venus on the Half Shell, did two photo shoots with my sister Molly, made two wedding dresses (I can only show you one though),  participated in two fashion shows and also had some custom work. Wow! I am so grateful for all these experiences and jobs I was able to have this past month. Here is a few photos to re-cap my month of May. Enjoy!

I did a photo shoot with my sister Molly, and my friend Sara did hair and make-up. 

My friend Shelagh modeling with Rusty.

Behind the scene photo of Molly taking a photo of my friend Ashley haha.

from left to right: Sara, me, Tara and Meg. I made Meg her dress, and we are celebrating her graduation!

This is the custom wedding dress I made for my friend Danielle. 

Here is the beautiful bride with friend Eryka.

Venus on the Half Shell and I both participated in a fundraiser fashion event for the organization Love146 This is one of my models Maya looking cute 

My beautiful models all wearing hand made dresses I made.

Selfie with my sister Liz. I always make her model.

Me and all my models. 


This is my cute sister Liz. She modeled for the Venus shoot that I helped stylize. We did an eighties look on her.  

This is my boss Jennifer, working hard carrying all the garments to the shoot. 

Here is Navit, our second model on this shoot. She is such a natural beauty. We did sort of a boho look on her. 

Another shot of Liz from the shoot. Jumpsuits are so hot right now. 

This is a photo from my show for First Saturday. 

My rack for the show.

Me in my dress I made for the event. 

Venus on the Half Shell participated in a Fashion Show fundraiser for Old Line Farm Fest

Here is Jennifer with some of the models!

My boss Jennifer with friend Gena. Beautiful ladies!

Sorry for so many photos! It really was a busy month!
Becky Jane 

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