Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Helen Inspired Photo Shoot

I was thinking the other day about why I am so into vintage patterns and styles. My grandmother Helen was a huge influence on me, I remember her coming up to babysit me and my siblings dressed to the nines. Her birthday just passed, and I wanted to do a photo shoot of some  of my designs in dedication to her. My very talented sister Molly took these photos, and my beautiful friend Sara Gemmel did the hair and make-up. Enjoy.  
My beautiful Victoria in a gathered tulip dress.

A gathered polka-dot skirt

Victoria in a dress I recently made for another friend to wear at her graduation.

The skirt is made out of a vintage velvet coat that I cut up because of damage.

My friend Ashley in a mustard gathered dress.

I love this color and pattern.

Ashley wore this style well.

Shelagh in a fitted green dress with an embroidery waste band.

I love this gathered polka-dot dress.

Ashley in a cute floral crop top

This is a cocktail dress I made for my sister last Christmas.

Notice the yo-yo detail on the skirt :)

This is a crop top I made out of a damaged vintage dress.

floral and pin-striped maxi dress

This is one of my favorite dresses

My sister even got me to model! This is a dress I made for my friend Tara to wear at my last show.

I  am very lucky to have had a grandmother who taught me to appreciate vintage and style, a talented sister to do photo shoots with me, a talented friend to do hair and make-up for this shoot, and beautiful friends to model for me!!!!!
I hope you enjoyed these shots!
Becky Jane

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