Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Window Display Preparation

My wonderful bosses at Venus on the Half Shell  let me do a window display for my shows.  For this show I decided to do a red and gold window. I'm trying to keep it festive. This is what I have going on for the window, which I will put up tomorrow.

I made this dress a few weeks ago. I decided to feature it as the main piece in the window. My boss Mike took this cool shot of the dress.

I decided to then make a kids dress matching the fabric. 

Finished Kids dress.

I made gold and red yo-yo's out of scrap fabric I had left over.

I'm making garlands to hang on a mini christmas tree. It seems dorky, but I swear it looks really cute.

I also decided to make stockings to hang. Im not too thrilled with how this one came out, its a little big. So I think I am going to re-make smaller ones tonight with red velvet and fuzzy fabric.

I also spray painted some embroidery hoops to make ornaments to hang.

A finished ornament. 

And now this is what my studio looks like!!!!

Wish me luck to finish everything for the window display, and stay tuned because I am putting it up tomorrow!

Becky Jane 

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