Monday, December 15, 2014

Post show activities

After my show at Venus on the Half Shell my studio was a complete disaster. I had to clean it before I could start any new projects. Here are a few photos to give you an idea. 

Fabric everywhere!!!

Here's the same shelf a little more organzied.

More fabric messes!

A little better, but still needs work. At least I can walk around in my studio now!

I made a few more stockings for ArtMart at Cafe Nola.

This was my space at ArtMart yesterday. I got to share the stage area with my friend and local artist Kevin Good.

These are some of Kevin's pieces. He's amazingly talented. You should check out his instagram @johnnycrowhand 

And then today I started to list new things on etsy. Check them out!

Now that the holidays are almost here I need to start focusing on Christmas presents. Stay tuned for some hand made gifts and new garments!

Becky jane 

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