Thursday, January 15, 2015

Long Time No Post

So it's been awhile since I have last posted, what with the Holidays and such, but I am going to get back into the swing of it.  Here is what I have been up to these last few weeks.

I hand made a few of my christmas presents. My wrapping could use a little work. 
I made my boss at Venus on the Half Shell a few laundry bags.  This one is kind of funny because he gave me the McDonalds sheet, which I have used to make several skirts and a baby outfit.

I think I am going to make myself some of these as well. 

I made a reversible circle scarf for my families traditional white elephant. 

Here is my niece, Harper, in a Christmas dress I made her.

I started giving sewing lessons at the beginning of the new year. This is my student Lily.

Our first project is an elastic skirt with patch pockets. Here is Lily cutting her pockets. 
I also started a craft collective with my friend Jenn. This was the inspiration for the first meeting. 

This is a picture from our first meeting. It was so much fun. 

At our next meeting, we are going to make berets. Jenn and I found a cute pattern on Martha Stewarts website. We had to alter it a little to make it a tad bit more slouchy. 
Here I am working on getting the pattern just to our liking.

Finished beret selfie!!
 One of my New Year's resolutions was to post more often. So stay tuned for more art updates.

Becky Jane 

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  1. Love the berets. You've been busy and productive. I should sign up for classes so that i can get something done ha ha