Thursday, January 22, 2015

More Berets and other things :)

Jenn and I hosted another Craft Night at my studio. We finished up our pillows from the previous week and we taught our friends how to make berets. Here are a few pictures from the Frederick Craft Collective meeting.

Here is Brittany with her finished pillow. 

All of our finished pillows

Melissa made a beret

Co- president Jenn modeling her beret. 

Each meeting we make food. This week we made waffles. 

I have also been continuing my sewing lessons.  My student Sloane made her first elastic skirt!

I also started making a few summer garments. I think I am in denial that its going to stay cold for a few more months, but at least I am getting a good start for summer wear!

My goal is to make February a very productive month. Stay tuned for more projects, Craft Collective meetings, and new merchandise!

Becky Jane

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