Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dinosaur Piñata

My friend Jenn and I made a dinosaur piñata for my nephews birthday party. After researching a few tutorials we found this one most helpful. http://oursaturdayafternoon.blogspot.com/2014/01/diy-pinata-tutorial.html?m=1

Here are some photos of the process.

 We used balloons, cardboard, a cereal box, duct tape, toilet paper rolls, and a folder to make the shape.

 This is what the dinosaur looked like before we started the paper mâché process.

We did three layers of paper mâché. We cut two inch strips of newspaper and used 2 parts water and one part flour for the mâché. 

Once the third layer was dry we used modge podge and green crepe paper to cover the news paper.

This was a process because we had to wait for the modge podge to dry before completley getting the under belly covered.

We then added orange details to make it look more like a dinosaur. We named him Roy.

We cut a half circle on his top to fill his belly with candy. Once Roy was stuffed we simply closed the half circle and put more crepe paper down to cover the slit. 

We then put two holes for him to hang evenly. We reinforced the holes on the inside with duct tape.

We both really fell in love with Roy.

And so did my nephew!!! 

This was such a fun project! Jenn and I are planning on making more piñata's, so stay tuned!

Becky Jane 

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  1. Great presentation! Love the last two pictures! So much better than the commercial ones sold in stores.