Tuesday, February 24, 2015

More Pinata's and a new wrap skirt

I have been hibernating a lot this last week, the weather has been so cold and we have had a few snow storms. But my friend Jenn and I have made a few more pinatas, and I made a new wrap skirt. Check them out. xo

We decided to make the heart eye cat emoji for valentines day. This is a photo of the paper mache drying.

Orion made a new friend haha.

We also made the waaaah face emoji for Valentine's Day as a joke.  The point being, "waaah it's Valentine's Day, but thats ok because I love my cat." Here we are posing with the finished pinatas. 

We also made a camera piñata for an Oscars party we attended. 
Here is the finished piñata.

I also made a new wrap skirt. I am really happy with how the shape turned out.

This is is an up close picture of the fabric, I love the tiger lilies. 
Stay tuned for new merchandise up on Etsy, and more creative projects!!!

Becky Jane 

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