Sunday, March 8, 2015

Etsy Photo Shoot

Last week I finally got around to putting some of my garments up in my Etsy shop. My friend Jenn helped me photograph these garments. Everything is handmade by me, and a lot of the garments are made with vintage fabric. Here are some behind the scene shots from the shoot.

We took the photos in my friends bedroom because I wanted a simple white background. Here I am modeling a strapless pointed sweet heart dress with panels. This dress is made with a floral fabric from the forties as well as velvet. 

A gathered waist dress made with vintage fabric. 

This is a wrap skirt I made with vintage fabric. There are little tigers in the tiger lily flower.

Jenn behind the camera working her magic. All the photos in this post are from my phone, but the photos on Etsy are taken with Jenns camera. 

I make this high waisted skirt style a lot. I just love the fit, and I think it looks flattering on everyone.
vintage fabric

gathered paisley skirt with pockets, vintage fabric

gathered salmon with mustard flowers skirt with pockets, vintage fabric

sweet heart halter dress with a full skirt, vintage fabric

Fish Face!!! green tulip gathered dress, vintage fabric. 

I call this the business casual teacher look. 

Rooster dress with panel work.

I made Jenn step out from behind the camera and model this high waisted skirt. 

These are just a few shots from the day of the process. Please check out more items in my Etsy shop.  Any feed back is much appreciated.

Becky Jane

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