Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Sometimes I like to do projects I can complete really easily when I have had a stressful busy day and am not in the mood to sew for hours but still want to make something. Last night I made a kimono. It was super easy and fast! Here's what I did....

I took my measurements and drew a quick sketch.

Then I picked the fabric I wanted to use and drew my template directly on the fabric. I think finding the right fabric was the hardest part, this fabric my friend brought me back from India. It is super sheer and drapes nicely for a kimono.

I then cut it the template out and cut down just one layer on top for center front.
I then sewed the sides and shoulder and hemmed the bottom and center front to neck opening. I didn't have to hem the sleeves because the way I folded my fabric the sleeves ended on the selvage end and will not fray.

Here's my finished kimono! 

I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. It was so easy! You should try and make one too!!!


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