Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cupcake Piñata

I'm getting ready for this years Createfest at the farm and I have been making a lot of sample crafts. One of the week long projects I am having the kids do is make a cupcake piñata. I looked at a bunch of tutorials and found this one most helpful. I changed a few things that I found easier, and I decided to post a tutorial on how to make a cupcake piñata, so here it goes:

paper mache mixture (one part flour, two parts water)
duct tape
plastic trash can
plastic bowl (i found a planter holder at the dollar store)
brown paper
colored tissue paper
piñata fillings
thick yarn or jute for hanging (my plant holder already had a holding string attached)
2" strips of news paper
tacky glue
brown paint (optional)

Step 1:
 paper mache the separate parts of the cupcake

the plant holder on the left is what I used for the top of the cup cake, it was super convenient because it had strings already attached that I could use for the hanging of the piñata - and the trash can for the bottom.

I did two layers of paper mache on each part.

Step 2: Fill the bucket/trash can with piñata goodies

I just filled it with candy I had around the house since its just a sample.

Step 3: Attach the cupcake together

I used duct tape to make sure it was super sturdy.
4. Paper Mache the attached cupcake

I did 2 layers of paper mache 
5. Paint the bottom of your cupcake (optional)

I decided to paint mine because I didn't want the newspaper to show when hanging
Step 6: Decorate your cupcake

I fanned brown paper for the cupcake wrapper and just attached it with duct tape.

I used tacky glue to attached tissue paper to look like frosting.

I cut little sprinkles our of tissue paper, and made a red ball to look like a cherry. I attached all this with tack glue.  This is my finished piñata.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful, and wish me luck having the kids make it next week at camp!

Becky Jane

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